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Welcome to Bulgaria

Zdravei (Hello!)

Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula, with borders with Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. Bulgaria is the origin of the most ancient civilized societies in Europe. The country is a member of the European Union and NATO. It is democratic, safe, hospitable destination ripe with economic opportunity, a developing tourism industry and beautiful natural resources.

Bulgaria is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. It is small and its accessible highway system means that you can travel from seaside to ski slope in a single day. With many hiking trails, protected sites of historic interest, SPA centers, wine cellars and opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure sports, Bulgaria is one of the most exciting, hospitable and affordable destinations.

Capital: Sofia,  Dialing code: +359,  ISO code: BG,  Currency: Leva,  Population: 7,2 million (2014),  Continent: Europe

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. The city is great place to live and have fun in, especially for young people. Sofia owes much of its charm to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the variety of entertainment opportunities and touristic attractions.

Visitors may choose from among more than 3000 restaurants, cafeterias and bars offering excellent food and a great variety of high quality wines.

Sofia is the country`s major center of cultural, artistic and night life. The city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and recreation, including 31 movie theaters, 23 theaters, 27 museums and numerous art galleries and exhibition halls. The city hosts a number of international concerts.

Higher Education in Bulgaria

The types of higher education institutions are Universities, Colleges and Specialized Higher Schools. Universities, as in most countries worldwide, have three stages: Bachelor's (undergraduate), Master's (graduate), and Doctoral degrees. Undergraduate stage lasts for at least four years and graduate stage lasts for five years after completion of secondary education or one year after obtaining a Bachelor Degree. The third stage of higher education results in obtaining a Ph.D. Degree. Specialized higher schools offer degrees in one or more areas of science, arts, sports, and defense. Usually, the names of these institutions indicate the area of specialization. Colleges are former semi-higher institutes. Some of them are part of universities and use their equipment and facilities.

Admission Procedure:

  • Fill Application online on Talent Xperts Portal and attach all academic documents for assessment http://www.talentxperts.co.uk/student_form.php
  • Conditional Offer: Conditional Offer will be sent within 24 hours when a complete application received
  • TX App Fees
  • Apostilled Documents are sent to Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in Bulgaria with Admission Letter and Accommodation Letter (Processing time approx. 3 weeks)
  • Approval from Ministry of Education
  • Tuition Fees to Talent Xperts and 6 months maintenance cost as security deposit which is returned after 1st semester
  • Application at Bulgarian Embassy in New Delhi for Visa type "D" (Processing time 30 days)
  • Embassy Interview is Mandatory

Embassy locator

Education System

Bulgarian education system goes back as far as the eight century. Two notable Universities were also established in that period at Ohrid and Preslav, with the one in Ohrid having more than 3000 students at one point.

The current education system involves twelve year programme of comprehensive education (elementary and secondary) and three-cycled programme of higher education (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree).The system is designed for pupils and students to be able to freely choose their field of studies encouraging them to concentrate on specific subjects.Students graduating from high-school must take high school exit exams in Bulgarian language and another subject of their choice.

Contact Student's Advisor

Jelena Putnins

Hi There,
I am jelena I am students advisor at Talent Xperts UK, I speak Russian, Polish and English. I have colleagues from india, china and Brazile who are always available to help you. If you are interested to study in Bulgaria Please fill our students registration form and I will get back to you soon.

Want Scholarship? Check how to save money on tuition fee or find a job, enter your details and I will call right back!

Student Life

Student Life in Europe is amazing, being part of the European union you are free to visit countries in your vacation and explore massive collections of cultures and diversity in Europe. You can take part of the Erasmus + program

Work & Study: Almost all countries give you permission to work at your free time, hence you can be at your own and find work as internee or expert depending what background you are coming with.

Tuitions Fees

In Bulgaria tuitions fees for international students are lowest in Europe. Each university has the liberty to design them according its policy, capacity and specialty.


Most of the universities are providing accomodation in dormitories, however you are able to find your own in the town. Cost of living in Bulgaria is among the lowest in Europe.


Bulgaria is popular with its traditional food, which share characteristics with other Balkans cuisines

Bulgarian cooking traditions are diverse because of geographical factors such as climatic conditions suitable for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit. Aside from the vast variety of local Bulgarian dishes, Bulgarian cuisine shares a number of dishes with the Russion,Italian and even Middle-east cuisines.

City Area is full of restaurants, many of them working 24 hours, with cosy atmosphere.


Students with good achievements may be provided with incentive scholarships following the procedure prescribed by each school or university. Students meeting specific criteria established by the Government may also be provided with social scholarships.


Academic year is divided in two semesters with holiday breaks. The beginning and end of an academic year and a semester as well as holiday spans are established by each school of higher education individually. Usually the winter semester starts in October and end in January, and the summer one starts in February and ends in June. In summer students are entitled to at least one month uninterrupted holidays.