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JOB296 | Part Time

Location: Hampshire | United Kingdom

Salary: 15000 - 20000 / Year

We are looking for Temporary Caretaker.

Main Aim
To provide efficient and effective caretaking support to the including ensuring the security and general appearance of the buildings and surrounding areas are maintained in accordance with the required standards and that heating systems operate at optimum efficiency.

Other Considerations: The postholder will be expected to observe safe working practices in carrying out the required duties and ensure that instructions specified by technical consultants, contractors and manufacturers are adhered to.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. To ensure heating plant and equipment is efficiently and effectively operated, make adjustments as necessary and reports defects and malfunctions to the senior team
2. To be responsible for maintaining the security of the premises and its contents in accordance with the colleges current requirements. Opening and locking up of establishments including lights and internal doors.
3. To clean light fittings and to test lighting systems weekly replacing where necessary minor parts such as tubes, bulbs, fuses starters and diffusers, in accordance with safe working practices.
4. To arrange to clear blockages, remove foreign matter from sinks, toilets, drains, kitchen grease traps etc. and clean up spillages as required. 
5. To ensure that gullies, drains etc. are kept free from debris and that the college and grounds are litter free.
6. To be responsible for ensuring clear and safe pedestrian access particularly in adverse weather conditions (e.g. clearing snow, gritting etc.)
7. To dispose of waste materials in a safe, hygienic manner ensuring that it is available for collection as required.
8. To undertake porterage tasks as required including setting up and clearing away furniture.
9. To undertake handypersons duties as directed by the Administration Manager/Principal as outlined below:
♦ Painting and Decorating – as required
♦ Joinery- First line maintenance of fixtures and fittings, examples: tightening
screws on window hinges, maintenance on door handles, minor repairs as a temporary measure after break-ins, vandalism etc.
♦ Plumbing- un-blocking sinks, traps and waste pipes. Adjustment and rewashering of taps.
♦ Internal Glazing – Remedial action after break-ins, for example boarding up of broken windows.
10. To control the provision and replenish toiletry items, including requisition, storage and distribution of such items.
11. To monitor stock levels of consumable items such as fuel, grit, toiletries, light, bulbs/tubes and arrange to replenish supplies in accordance with current procedures.
12. To maintain appropriate records including intruder alarm logbook, repair orders, and heating system records book, carry out meter readings.
13. To report emergencies in the case of faults with gas, electric and water supply to the Business Manager/ Principal, or where not immediately available technical services or regular contractors, and report minor faults on site to the Business Manager.
14. To attend to, where necessary, personnel visiting the site such as contractors.
15. To carry out Grass cutting on Site Mower and some grounds maintenance.
16. To organise and undertake on a pre-planned basis the stripping, resealing and polishing of floors, washing of walls and cleaning of furniture.
17. To clean the internal face of external windows and other internal glass within the limitations of safe working practice.
18. To comply with the requirements of Health and Safety, other relevant legislation and policies and carry out weekly fire alarm tests, and assist with evacuation procedures.
19. To carry out any other reasonable duties within the overall function of the Caretaker.