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Health And Safety Advisor

JOB294 | Part Time

Location: Hampshire | United Kingdom

Salary: 24000 - 28000 / Year

We are looking for Health and Safety Advisor for Temp Work


Within Corporate Assurance to support the Health and Safety Lead in the delivery of advisory, consultancy and training services on Health and Safety matters relevant to all council services.


1.    To perform an operational Health and Safety role across the customer base Living, schools, academies and where required any other Council owned subsidiary organisations.
2.    To ensure that the high quality advice is provided across a broad range of risks to service managers and staff on Health and Safety matters necessary to ensure that the council meets all its legislative requirements in respect of Health and Safety issues.
3.    Contribute to develop and review the strategic Health and Safety aims and objectives and the supporting action plan.
4.    Contribute to maintain and develop the overall Health and Safety framework.
5.    Contribute to the development and implementation of policies, procedures and training to ensure the council complies with good practice and its statutory duties under Health and Safety legislation.
6.    Contribute to the development, implementation and delivery of an audit programme for all key areas to ensure that risk assessments are undertaken and subsequent action plans are developed and implemented to ensure statutory requirements, standards and codes of practice are maintained. For example, to include where appropriate fire, gas, electricity, asbestos, legionella, lifts, and COSHH.
7.    To provide support, advice and guidance on a range of construction projects which fall under the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015.
8.    To monitor and report all significant deviations from the statutory requirements, standards and codes of practice to the relevant Head of Service, the Health & Safety Lead and the relevant operational Health and Safety group. 
9.    To conduct accident and incident investigations based upon the severity of the incident and likely potential for enforcement action in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive.
10.    To monitor the progress on any non-compliances/deviations and ensure the Corporate Assurance Manager, the Health and Safety Lead and the relevant operational Health and Safety group are advised and aware of the status of progress and the potential outcomes of continued non compliance.
11.    Represent the Health and Safety service at directorate operational Health and Safety group meetings and support service managers with Health and Safety matters relative to their service area and the council.
12.    Deliver and facilitate training across the organisation to ensure competency of staff on Health and Safety matters and compliance with relevant statutory duties.
13.    To prepare and present reports to senior management team, Health and Safety meetings/committees and any others as required.
14.    Operate a system of recording accidents and incidents, supporting managers with investigations and record and report accidents and incidents in accordance with RIDDOR legislation or equivalent.
15.    Where required to undertake fire damage inspections e.g. social housing stock and to report and provide permits to work. 
16.    To notify key operational teams of fire related incidents.
17.    Assess properties and working with other service areas and partners to assist in providing fire related advice and support for a range of buildings and occupants, including enabling an effective response when dealing with tenants in need of support (e.g. hoarding, mental health)

18.    To contribute towards setting objectives in the service plan for the health & safety service and work effectively to ensure objectives are met analysing and monitoring and maintaining performance.    
19.    To where appropriate take on any specialist functional roles, as assigned across the team.
20.    Preparation of data, statistics and delivery of reports for operational and strategic purposes in monitoring performance of Health and Safety requirements.
21.    To maintain the register of Potentially Violent  Persons in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and advise managers and staff of appropriate risks and actions to be taken when dealing with such persons. To support the coordination and facilitation of the decision panels, review panels and appeals.
22.    Ensuring the sharing of PVP information e.g. staff, contractors and third parties.
23.    Positively promote Health and Safety policies and procedures to encourage engagement and compliance.
24.    Support and liaise with recognised trade union representatives on matters relating to Health and Safety
25.    Preparation and delivery of briefing notes, toolbox talks to communicate relevant legislative or policy changes relevant to Health and Safety within the organisation.
26.    Maintain up to date and comprehensive knowledge of the legislative framework relating to Health and Safety.
27.    Contribute to the development of systems to record and assist with the management of Health and Safety.
28.    To assist with the procurement of Health and Safety services and requisition approved services in compliance with the council’s financial regulations.
29.    To act in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and other Codes of Conduct.
30.    To comply with the Council’s agreed policies and procedures including but not limited to Health and Safety, and Equal Opportunities Policies, the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Financial Management Regulations and other relevant Council and Government Regulations, Directives and City wide priorities.
31.    To undertake any other tasks, duties and responsibilities as directed and appropriate to the grade and role of the post subject to any reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as incorporated into the Equality Act 2010.