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PA Secretary

JOB337 | Full Time

Location: London | United Kingdom

Salary: 14.67 / Hour

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic person to work as a Personal
Assistant to a Divisional Director of the Council’s Management Team. The
ideal candidate should be a quick-thinker, a willing team member and able to
adapt to changing priorities on a daily basis. They should be able to work
with the utmost discretion and with a good awareness of political




To provide confidential secretarial and broad based administrative services
through a number of different systems and processes to ensure that the
support to a Divisional Director is effective and assists service delivery.




1.            Represent the Council and the Divisional Director in a
positive manner and be committed to the aims of the Council.


2.            Handle sensitive information and original paperwork in
accordance to agreed procedures and guidelines.


3.            Check the accuracy of documents and reports to ensure high
quality and accurate written material is produced.


4.            Respond to a broad range of queries under guidance, in order
to provide timely and accurate responses.


5.            Effectively manage the time of Divisional Directors and other
senior officers, by checking diaries, arranging meetings and ensuring
officers are well-prepared for meetings.


6.            Take responsibility for archiving documents and files,
following Council procedures to ensure that documents are stored and managed


7.            Understand and comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunities


8.            Uphold and comply with the statutory provisions of the Health
and Safety at Work Act 1974 and any other associated legislation or Council
Policies and procedures


9.            Cover for another PA on planned or unplanned leave.


10.          Show an interest in and have knowledge of the Borough.




1.            Open and sort the post to ensure it is dealt with promptly and
distributed to the appropriate officers.


2.            Answer calls and enquiries raised by members of the public,
staff trade unions, Councillors and Members of Parliament that deal with the
complete range of issues covered by the Service area.  Screen all callers on
behalf of the Divisional Director and channel them to the appropriate


3.            Ensure that visitors are welcomed and feel comfortable by
collecting them and making them refreshments.


4.            Co-ordinate management teams, arrange and minute meetings.


5.            Use discretion to advise other Chief Officers, senior staff,
Councillors, Members of Parliament and contacts outside the Authority on any
matter connected with the Divisional Director's work and the Service area.


6.            Keep an appointments diary, record leave of senior staff in
the department and keep the Divisional Director appraised of their
whereabouts, taking messages in their absence and completing sickness
records as appropriate.

7.            Make necessary arrangements for the Divisional Director's
attendance at meetings, conferences and seminars etc. including
accommodation and travel arrangements and processing invoices.

8.            Set up and maintain appropriate filing and record retrieval
systems designed to promote the operational efficiency of the Divisional


9.            Draft responses to correspondence on behalf of the Divisional

10.          Operate and maintain management information systems including

11.          Arrange local transportation, when necessary.

The above mentioned duties are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and the post
holder may be required to carry out other duties as required by the service.




                Experience of carrying out a range of administrative tasks
as required in managing an office.


                Experience in arranging and minuting meetings.


                Experience in using modern e-mail systems (e.g. Outlook),
undertaking spreadsheet work (e.g. Excel) and Word processing.


                Experience of using and maintaining systems.



SALARY: £14.67