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JOB363 | Full Time

Location: New York | United States

Salary: /

Source Systems is now hiring for immediate start on a number of commercial Stock Market & Forex projects.

We provide motivated and dedicated individuals the opportunity to trade the FOREX, NASDAQ, and NYSE markets on a proprietary platform in a professional environment with optimal liquidity and the most competitive rates.
BENEFITS: A position at Source Systems is a rich experience that cannot be duplicated in any other learning/working environment. Not only will you learn skills that will last you a lifetime, but you will develop relationships and training that could set you up for a full- time job at Source Enterprises or one of its subsidiaries.
• SourceSystems.com
• SourceDataScience.com
• SourceEnterprises.com
• SourceEstates.com

Learn at an accelerated rate.
No wasted time or effort.
Acquire the most in-demand skills in the industry.

Your opportunity to gain knowledge on how to utilize the latest software technologies to execute high probability trades and get top ROI.
Work using powerful servers, AI Software, web resources, data feeds, and proprietary trading systems. Get provided the tools and skills to succeed in Stock/Currency Trading.

There is a lot of scope for working from home and flexible hours to accommodate productive workflow.

Part time at our office in Alison Viejo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or part time from home remotely. Work with and learn from the best traders in the industry. Invaluable experience that will greatly increase your skills, capabilities, and value to employers. However, the goal for our traders is to run their own funds.


We provide you the certification, licensing, and financial infrastructure required to run your own fund. Additionally, we will fund qualified candidates from $100,000 to $1,000,000 to start up their fund and trade utilizing our Proprietary Systems.

TRAINING: Hands on live training in various Trading Analysis and Software: • Algorithmic Programming • Technical Analysis • Fundamental Analysis • Price Action • Market Sentiment • Indicators • Expert Advisors • Forex Signals • VPS Server Administration • Broker Platforms • Metatrader 4 & 5 • MetaScript • TradeScript • Neural Networks • Server Configuration • Financial Engineering • MATLAB • Visualization Software • Big Data • Evolutionary Algorithms • Machine Learning • Cognitive Computing • Artificial Intelligence Additionally: Simulation mode to build and track trading strategies. 1 on 1 private mentoring from experienced traders. Risk management analysis, trade review, and progress evaluation on trade performance. If you're an experienced trader and want to operate from a home-office environment, we also are able to offer remote trading through dedicated SSL lines and private servers with 10 GB internet connections that deliver the highest-quality speed and execution. Technical and administrative support is also available. Capital contribution is not required.
REQUIREMENTS: We are looking for ambitious talent to work with our team of Ph.D.'s, Research Scientists, Masters of Finance, Quantitative Analysts, Algorithmic Developers, and seasoned technology experts. We are especially interested in individuals with knowledge of Forex Trading. Proficiency with algorithmic development, quantitative analysis, programming, and MATLAB are a plus, as is a highly organized detailed work ethic and a strong drive to succeed.For new traders, a college degree is preferred, but not required. Market and trading experience is beneficial. If you're already trading or are a new candidate who is disciplined, motivated, and ambitious, this is one of your best available opportunities to profit and excel in trading. Additionally, we require that you are/have: • Technology savvy • Excellent writing skills • Very organized • Independent work ethic • Detail oriented • Strong drive to succeed • Entrepreneurial mindset • Proactive • Good communicator • Team player • Autonomous • Passionate We provide you with the ability to earn immediately with training, technology, and resources provided. You keep most of the profits when we deposit for you.

You keep 100% of the profits when you trade your own money. Individuals already making six figures a year have started with us to increase their earning power and breakthrough limitations. The ability to load systems to trade for them automatically and free up 95% of their time is a much better approach that sitting in front of charts all day. Full-time and remote positions available. Source Systems hires from the most qualified trained interns that complete the program.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with and support other Traders, Programmers, Analysts and Research Scientists. Develop your skills and augment your training with directed research in your very specific tasks. Use an online productivity platform to organize and keep track of your completed tasks. Get constant feedback and suggestions on how to improve your programming, algorithms, modeling, simulations, analysis and research. Break through barriers and confusion by working in groups before you are frustrated with tasks. Work in teams, trade with confidence, consensus, and be certain you are learning and practicing the most important daily skills you need to become an elite trader. Our branch offices provide: • A powerful trading platform • Leveraged buying power, subject to trading history and risk management • Competitive clearing rates • Comprehensive risk management tools • Technical and administrative support staff on site • Dedicated, capable data lines (DS3) with system redundancies • Synergistic trading floor environment • High potential payouts on trading profits If you are considering technology or trading as a career, apply by sending in your resume. Include as much information as possible regarding your interest. Be sure to include your email address and check to see if our reply arrives in your spam/junk folder. Space is extremely limited and filling up fast. Due to overwhelming demand, we can only accept individuals that are committed to making this a career.

Please allow up to one week for us to contact you. Feel free to reapply if you have not heard back from us after 10 business days.