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Care Worker

JOB122 | Full Time

Location: London | UK

Salary: 17160.00 / Year

Deadline: 1st May 2016

Purpose of the job: 

To provide personal care to the people who use the service, meeting their individual needs whilst maximising independence and choice and respecting privacy and dignity.  The role will support the Management team in the day to day care service delivery, ensuring that the care provided is within the CQC essential standards and any other legal requirements. 

Main duties and responsibilities: 

1.    Carry out all duties in accordance with the policy, philosophy, procedures and practice statements of the service, in particular the ‘Health & Safety at Work’ regulations. 
2.    Promote the physical, emotional and psychological development of the people who use the service.  Report, monitor and record any changes in their health/behaviour.  Keeping the Service Manager/senior staff up to date with any changes. 
3.    To operate as a Key Worker to individual people who use the service and help to formulate individual Person Centred life plans, care plans and health action plans to identify their individual strengths and needs.  
4.    Prepare clearly written, precise and structured reports for Annual Review meetings. 
5.    Escort the people where required who use the service to various classes and work placements. 
6.    Promote relationships between the people who use the service and their families and offer a warm reception to visitors. 
7.    Support people who use the service in all aspects of their personal care, encouraging them to use their capabilities in achieving independence in all aspects of life skills. 
a.    Washing, bathing, dressing oral and personal hygiene
b.    Dressing/undressing and guidance in colour co-ordination. 

8.    Support and assist in domestic activities i.e.
a.    Cleaning of bedrooms and bed making
b.    Cleaning of communal living areas including bathrooms and toilets
c.    Washing/drying up
d.    Menu planning
e.    Devise weekly shopping list
9.    Assist people who use the service with the preparation of meals and offer support with special feeding needs, when required. 
10.    Assist people who use the service in simple household budgeting and shopping for personal items. 
11.    Organise social and recreational activities for people who use the service whilst providing them with opportunities and support. 
12.    Participate fully in a ‘hand-over’ to other care staff (day/night) at the beginning/end of each shift and record the necessary details in the appropriate handover book. 
13.    Attend all functions arranged inside/outside the service i.e.  all meetings requested by the Service Manager; evening functions, day conferences, workshops and case reviews.
14.    Attend appropriate in-house staff development activities and training courses as well as outside training courses when required. 
15.    Encourage people who use the service to take responsibility for their own health care and accompany them on appointments, i.e.
a.    Dental treatment, chiropody and eye tests.
b.    Hospital appointments etc. 

16.    Administer medication once assessed as competent to do so, in accordance with the guidelines given by the Pharmaceutical society and the charities Policies and Procedures. 
17.    Notify the Service Manager/senior staff immediately of the occurrence of any illness or accident, whether major or minor and record in the appropriate Report Book and Accident. Incident form before the end of the shift.
18.    Take appropriate actions if any people who use the service are unwell and give cause for concern, ensuring that the incident is reported to the Service Manager/senior on duty. 
19.    In the event of the death of a person who uses the service, contact their doctor and report the incident to the Service Manager immediately. 
20.    Take care of the people who use the service who may be temporarily unwell e.g. bedbound or who may require minor dressings to small wounds. 
21.    Take all possible steps to safeguard the welfare and safety of people who use the service and other members of staff in the following areas: 
a.    Ensure that all people who use the service are familiar with the Fire/Health & Safety precautions and procedures of the service.  
b.    Ensure that all equipment, mechanical and electrical is in safe working order. 
c.    Report all unsafe and damaged items/equipment to the Manager or Health & Safety Representative on duty immediately. 
d.    Ensure that all people who use the services proceed with caution to the safety point in the garden at the sound of the emergency bell. 
e.    Take responsibility for checking the people who use the service under your direct care respond to roll call and remain present until action is taken. 

22.    Adhere to the Fire/Health & Safety Policies and procedures that are operated in the service. 
23.    Assist people who use the service by accessing the religious services of their choice. 
24.    Promote a diverse workforce that is free from discriminatory practice. 
25.    Maintain confidentiality regarding all aspects and affairs of the people who use the service and management of the service. 
26.    Do sleep-in duties as part of the post when required. 
27.    Undertake any other tasks, duties or projects, as reasonably required, which may arise from time to time which are commensurate with the general level of this post.