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Our HE collaboration is an integral part of our vision; to help improve employment prospects for young people and to build strong partnerships with clients and Universities across the globe.


With our HE collaboration, we connect two or more higher education institutions together to improve student prospects, as well as the overall academic quality. The collaboration has many benefits which have helped students, education providers and academic staff over the past few years.

Benefits for Students

» Financial Benefits

Our collaboration helps those students who may have financial restrictions which are affecting their ability to gain qualifications. We support students with study abroad and to gain education in Europe. There are also options for fundraising to help support students with business ideas.

» Improved Quality

The collaboration allows students to benefit from improved academic quality and standards, as Universities working together can create a higher standard of curriculum.

» Opportunities

There are greater opportunities available for students, including camp placements, internships, scholarships and job focused courses. Students can study in Europe, embark on management training courses or whatever suits their interests.

» Sharing Ideas and Knowledge

We offer a platform for students to exchange ideas and knowledge with each other, as well as academic staff. This can help give them a clearer idea of what they want to do and can greatly improve options. There is also the opportunity to create events and meetups so students can get to know each other and make new friends.



Academic Staff

» Opportunities

As we connect Universities together, it also offers additional opportunities for academic Staff. For instance, the chance to work in other institutions across the world and develop skills and knowledge, as well as career development.

» Networking

Staff can have access to events, where they can meet with other like-minded people and exchange ideas. This networking can allow academic staff to learn more about their industry and grow as a result.


» Revenue

With an increase in student admissions and engagement, HE institutions can improve their revenue. With the current climate and constant budget costs, this is of great value to institutions and helps to keen departments running.

» Ranking and Branding

HE institutions are ranked on the basis of the standard of education they are offering students, as well as the number of student admissions. The collaboration with other universities can help to improve standards and as a result, both ranking and branding can improve.

» Quality of Service

The education collaboration can bring together fresh knowledge and ideas, which improves the student experience and skills of the faculty.