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We are under no illusion as to the recruitment process and how demanding and frustrating it can be, both for job seekers and for hiring managers.

Hiring managers have their own workload to cope with and recruitment, although necessary, is often an aspect of the role they don’t particularly enjoy. As a hiring manager involved in recruitment, you have probably found yourself becoming frustrated with a lack of interest in your job or CV’s which are completely irrelevant.

You have probably taken time out your diary to lead interviews, only to find that candidates cancel at the last minute or just fail to turn up altogether. Underprepared candidates are also a common complaint. Do these sound familiar?

You may feel that you are becoming increasingly involved in employment relations within the company and dealing with daily issues from management and even the C.E.O? You are busy resolving employee issues, training new recruits and recruiting new team members. It is not enough just to recruit new talent, but you need to make sure you get the best. Unemployment seems to be growing, so why can't you fill the right people to fill gaps in the business?

We have heard about many issues relating to recruitment from our clients. Mostly Management don't want to pay agencies to handle the process because,agencies don't spend the right amount of time screening CV's and your calls are left unanswered when you need them.

Our Services:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Agency / Temp Recruitment
  • HR Automation Software
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Free Lancers providers
  • Coaching & Skills development

Areas of specialties:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Fitness and Leisure
  • Travel and tourism
  • Software Development
  • Systems Engineering / Big Data
  • Life Science
  • Energy Sector
  • Finance, Accounts and Banking
  • Property & Construction
  • Sales & Management
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Industrial Manufacturing


Talent Xperts' sophisticated Recruitment Management System along with CIPD certified recruiters and head hunters, we ensure that your staffing needs are fulfilled professionally and in timely manner. This is why our clients move to us and stay with us for their repeated staff needs. At Talent Xperts, we specialize in headhunting the very best talent and this is where we excel.

Our staff retention rates are over 95% andwe can provide you with staff to suit both your long and short term needs and as we utilise a range of sources to find candidates, we will always make sure you have just the right candidate for your role. We will also ensure the candidates confirm attendance, so you are not left waiting for no shows and that they are furnished with as much information as possible about your business. We only provide high quality candidates who are fully screened to ensure their suitability, both for the role and your culture.

We know how precious your time is and we want to take this burden off your shoulders.You can find our available candidates via our Employer section and we can also advertise your vacancies, without any cost to you. We offer the full headhunting service.

Equally, the recruitment process is often not particularly enjoyable for candidates. Applying for roles, only to feel that they have went into a black hole is extremely disheartening and we understand your frustrations.

Even when you attend an interview, you may find that you don't receive any feedback and you probably feel that you have completed wasted your time attending. Your time is as valuable as hiring managers and we know how important feedback is for your future development.

Whether you are applying for a job or attending an interview, we always make sure you receive feedback, regardless of the outcome.

We always provide you with detailed information about the role and the company, so you are fully prepared for your interview.

We also offer coaching and skills development, to help you get the most out of your future career.

Both our clients and candidates are of equal value to us and we have developed strategies to ensure we make the recruitment process as enjoyable as possible for you.

Take a look through our website to find out what services we provide and how we can benefit both businesses and the future development of our candidates.